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General Store FAQs

How are bulk products refilled?

Great question! We recommend that all our bulk products be picked up in store once you order online. Simply bring the containers you want filled from home and we will use those to fill your order.

Alternatively, if your order must be shipped or delivered, please specify if you would like it in a purchased container OR a free, donated jar. You can specify this in the order description at checkout!

How do I order bulk products online?

Most of our bulk items are sold online in pre-determined quantities like 1g, 10g, or 100g increments. When you choose a product, please select how many quantities you would like to purchase. You can decide the amount according to the size of your container. For example, if your container can hold 450ml, you can purchase up to 400g of product, so 4 quantities. 

What is the conversion between g and ml?

At Re:Plenish we sell all our bulk products by weight and in gram increments. For reference, 1g is roughly equivalent to 1ml of liquid. As for our powdered products, a 100ml of jar will hold roughly 35g of product.

Therefore, if your containers holds 400ml, we can safely assume it will hold roughly 400g of products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Where can I find product ingredients?

All our products have their ingredients individually listed in their product description. We do our best to be as transparent with all the ingredients as possible. This means we strive to offer products made from all-natural, eco-friendly, and gentle ingredients, safe for you and the planet!

How do I know if a product can be composted?

Great question! In every product description we do our best to let you know if a product is compostable. The majority if our products are either facility compostable or backyard compostable.

Facility compostable means the product needs additional commercial assistance to break down completely!

Backyard compostable means the product can break down on its own within 6-12 months in natural conditions!